Customer Care

We want to help you!

Providing Excellent Customer Service is a Top Priority at Richmond Furniture Gallery.

To help you as quickly and easily as possible, our website offers forms to assist you in reporting damages or defects to your furniture. We also have friendly, well-trained customer care representatives to assist you by calling (765) 939-3325.

If you would like report damage or defects to your furniture or mattress, please complete the appropriate form below. One form is used for mattress warranty claims and the other is used for all other furniture warranty claims.

Click Here for the Mattress Warranty Claim Form

Click Here for the Furniture Warranty Claim Form

All service issues will be promptly accessed to determine if parts are needed and what may or may not be covered under any applicable warranties. Once your information is received a customer care representative will contact you within 72 business hours.

If parts are needed, we will place an order for the parts and notify you that we have done so. Part orders can take from 2- 8 weeks to arrive at the store. Once the parts arrive at the store you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the repairs to be completed. Pick-Up or Delivery of items for repair is not covered under a Manufacturer’s Warranty.  If Pick-Up or Delivery is needed, and you are in our local service area, our normal Delivery Charges will apply.

There may be times when the warranty, or part of the warranty, has expired and the customer may be responsible for labor or part charges. These charges will need to be paid prior to the ordering of the parts or repair and you will be notified if this is the case.

Completed forms can be emailed, submitted in person or mailed to us. Please remember to include at least two photographs showing the damage or defect to your furniture or mattress.

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